Queensland Ticket Price

queensland ticket price

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Ticket Price:

  • Flights: Ticket prices fluctuate based on your origin, arrival airport, travel dates, and chosen airline. Consider budget airlines and off-season travel for better deals.
  • Accommodation: Prices range from budget hostels to luxurious resorts, depending on location, season, and amenities. Research and compare options to find the perfect fit for your budget.
  • Attractions: Entry fees for theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and cultural sites vary widely. Some offer combo packages or discounts for seniors and children.
  • Tours and activities: Costs depend on the type of tour (boat, walking, helicopter), duration, and inclusions. Shop around and consider bundled packages for savings.


  • Most tourist attractions: Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with later hours for some restaurants and nightlife.
  • National parks and beaches: Often accessible 24/7, though some areas may have restricted access for conservation purposes.
  • Tours and activities: Timings vary depending on the chosen experience. Ensure you have the full itinerary beforehand.

How To Book Ticket?

Address and Contact Info:

  • Address: 22JH+229, Chennai-Bengaluru Highway Palanjur Sembarambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600123
  • Phone: 09444394706

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