Mumbai To Goa Cruise Ticket Price

mumbai to goa cruise ticket price

In this article, you will know mumbai to goa cruise ticket price.

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Ticket Price:

  • Cruise Lines: From premium options like Cordelia Cruises to budget-friendly ships like Angriya, the range is vast.
  • Cabin Type: From interior cabins to luxurious suites, your accommodation choice significantly impacts the price.
  • Travel Dates: Peak season (October-February) sees fares rise, while monsoon months (June-September) offer calmer sails and budget-friendly melodies.
  • Duration: 2-night cruises are shorter and generally cheaper than 3-night or longer options.

Expect a range: You might find budget options starting from around 6,000 INR per person (double occupancy) during monsoon season on Angriya, while peak season on Cordelia’s luxury cruises could climb to 20,000 INR or higher. Comparing various factors is key to finding the perfect deal!


Mumbai to Goa cruises typically take about 24-36 hours, offering a scenic journey across the Arabian Sea. Most cruises:

How to book tickets?

Mumbai Cruise Terminals:

  • Mumbai Cruise Terminal (Manora): Located in South Mumbai, near Gateway of India.
  • Ballard Pier Cruise Terminal: Also in South Mumbai, offering scenic harbor views.

Goa Cruise Terminals:

  • Mormugao Port Cruise Terminal: The main cruise terminal in Goa, close to several beaches.
  • Panaji Cruise Terminal: Located in the capital city, with easy access to Old Goa and other attractions.

Each terminal has its website and contact information readily available online. Remember to check cruise-specific details like boarding times and terminal locations.

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