Air India Ticket Price

air india ticket price

In this article, you will know air india ticket price.

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Ticket Price:

  • Route: Domestic flights within India are generally cheaper than international routes, with longer distances commanding higher fares.
  • Travel Class: Economy class is the most budget-friendly option, while Business and First Class offer more comfort and amenities at a premium.
  • Season: Peak season (October-March) sees higher prices, while monsoon months (June-September) offer potential discounts.
  • Demand: Popular routes and travel dates witness higher demand, impacting the price tag.
  • Booking Time: Last-minute bookings are often more expensive. Planning ahead can help you secure deals.

Expect a range: For domestic flights, economy class fares can start from around 2,000 INR (one-way) for short distances, while international flights might range from 10,000 INR to 30,000 INR or higher, depending on the destination and travel class.


  • Morning flights: Catch the early bird special and reach your destination in time for a productive day.
  • Afternoon flights: Relax and enjoy the in-flight experience during the day.
  • Evening flights: Arrive at your destination in the evening, perfect for exploring the city lights.

How to book tickets?

  • Ticket website:┬áVisit the official website to book online ticket.
  • Air India offices: Visit the nearest Air India office for assistance with booking and ticketing, especially if you require special services or have specific questions.

Address and Contact Info:

Air India HQ: Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India Phone: +91-22-2282-5555

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